The Loveless Cafe serves over half a million guests every year with just 129 seats. Many of our guests visit during peak times, weekends and holidays, leaving us with lots of open seating during non-peak times. We recently started utilizing the technology of OpenTable to allow guests to make reservations during these non-peak times. These reservations are designed for parties of less than nine guests, but larger parties can call for more information: 615-646-9700 ext 3.

If you are interested in booking a reservation with us through OpenTable, please visit the reservations page on our website to check availability – we’ll just need your name, phone number, and email for confirmation. If you can’t use the site for some reason, we’ll be happy to check availability for you in person or by phone and make the reservation. If you are not finding available reservations on OpenTable, it means we either are unable to accept reservations at the time you are requesting, or the reservations at that time are already taken.

Once your reservation is made, the only thing left to do is come by and enjoy your meal! Due to the size of our restaurant, we are only able to hold a table for 10 minutes past the original reservation time. If all the diners in your party have not arrived within 10 minutes of your reservation, we will add your group to the seating list and our greeters will be able to give you an estimate for your wait time when your full party arrives.

The ability to offer this service to our visitors is an exciting development, and in the short time we’ve been using the OpenTable service, visitors have loved it as well. The OpenTable Diners’ Choice Awards for Nashville were recently announced, and after just a brief time on the platform we’ve been named among the Best Overall, Best Food, Best Service, Best Ambiance, Great for Brunch, Special Occasion, and Southern categories.

We’re excited to be working with OpenTable to make your visit to the Loveless Cafe even more enjoyable.