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Media Policy

Commercial Product Photography

This policy applies to any photography, videography, filming or recording activities on Loveless Cafe’s property, or featuring any of Loveless Cafe’s personnel or property, for commercial, promotional or professional purposes (any and all such activities are referred to in this policy as “commercial photography”).

All commercial photography must be scheduled in advance and approved in writing by the Loveless Cafe. Unapproved commercial photography, as well as walk-in, same-day, or impromptu commercial photography, is strictly prohibited.

Requests to engage in commercial photography must be made by submitting a Media Request Form to the Loveless Cafe. All information submitted to the Loveless Cafe must be accurate and complete.

Loveless Cafe’s Executive Director, Merrell Peck, is the sole person authorized by the Loveless Cafe to approve requests to engage in commercial photography, and no such approval is effective unless given in writing by such person. The Loveless Cafe may, in its sole discretion, deny any request for approval of commercial photography.

Approved commercial photography must be conducted in accordance with any additional guidance or instructions provided by the Loveless Cafe. All crews or persons engaged in commercial photography must be accompanied by a representative of the Loveless Cafe at all times while on the property.

No individual’s identity or likeness may be captured in connection with commercial photography without such individual’s express written consent and a copy of such consent delivered to the Loveless Cafe.

All commercial photography activities, and uses of audio and visual content produced from such activities, are strictly limited to the specific scope of approval granted by the Loveless Cafe.

No ownership of the Loveless Cafe’s intellectual property is transferred in connection with commercial photography and all goodwill derived from the use of such intellectual property will inure to the sole benefit of the Loveless Cafe.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Loveless Cafe, LLC, and its employees and agents, from and against all demands, claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of or related to your commercial photograph activities or your violation of this policy.

Loveless Cafe may revoke its approval of commercial photography, at any time, if the Loveless Cafe, in its sole judgment, believes that this policy has been or will be violated.


For Media Requests:

Please complete the form below. We automatically decline any request that is not made at least 48 hours in advance.