September is National Biscuit Month, and that’s something we take pretty seriously around here! You know we’ll be serving up those little golden masterpieces to visitors by the plateful all month long! Topped with preserves, gravy, bacon, or just butter, we plan on serving up to 10,000 of those beauties each day this month! We want to share the fun with those who can’t be here to enjoy it with us too!

That’s why we’ll have daily Biscuit Month posts on our Facebook page and lots of biscuit pictures on Instagram too. We’ll share the countless ways we’ve discovered to enjoy Loveless Cafe biscuits! The one thing we won’t be sharing the Biscuit Recipe though! We still use the same recipe Annie Loveless used when the Loveless Cafe first opened over 65 years ago, and it remains a secret to this day. Luckily, you can still have some Biscuit Month fun at home with Loveless Cafe Biscuit Mix, and some tasty recipes on our website – like this one.

We look forward to sharing National Biscuit Month with you!