While it might not be as famous as the biscuits or the fried chicken, folks get pretty excited about our BBQ here at the Loveless Cafe. In fact, we were recently named one of the “Best BBQ Joints in Nashville” by Thrillist! We do Ribs, Brisket, and even Turkey Breasts in the smokehouse, but our Pulled Pork BBQ is the most popular. It’s even on our Breakfast menu! In addition to the Cafe, we also offer our Pulled Pork BBQ To Go in Hams & Jams Country Market. Available by the Sandwich, the Pound, or in Family Packs, grab some BBQ for whatever outing you’re headed to! Here are just a few ideas of where to enjoy our BBQ To Go:

1) The Iroquois Steeplechase – A great place to see and be seen in your springtime finery. If you think some of the hats you see are impressive, just wait and see how many heads turn when you pull Loveless Cafe BBQ out of your picnic basket!

2) A Predators Playoff Game – We might still be relatively new to this hockey thing, but we’re darn passionate about our Preds. Why not celebrate their post-season success with a traditional flavor of the South? Whether on your couch or in the parking lot, pick up a little BBQ beforehand!



3) An Outing on the Natchez Trace – One of the most beautiful drives in the area, the Natchez Trace Parkway is a perfect place to spend an afternoon. Luckily, we’re located just off the Trace’s Northern terminus, so it’s really easy to grab some BBQ to enjoy along the way! How far down the road can you get before digging in?

4) A Summer Concert – In a place called Music City, there is no shortage of outdoor shows this summer! What could be better than a blanket, a beverage, and a little BBQ to go with your tunes?

Whatever plans you have in store, Hams & Jams BBQ To Go might be just what you need to turn your good day into a GREAT one!