– By Loveless Events –

Meetings are often a required part of running a business and growing an organization. Unfortunately, due to stereotypes and misunderstanding, there can be a negative connotation associated with “boring ol’ meetings”. Because of that, we have compiled three important factors to keep in mind, to ensure your attendees are more engaged, excited, and present for your meetings.

1. Great Food & Drink at a Nice Venue

When selecting a space for your meeting, keep in mind the “why” behind your event. If you are discussing a sensitive topic, be sure to bring that up in your venue visits. Things like “private event” signs and pipe & drape for privacy can make your space even more separated if needed.

If you are meeting to gain momentum and increase employee engagement, bring that up too! Your venue can often provide you with fun ways to alter the space and make it your own to focus on the important parts of your event. Things like line dance instructors or a balloon drop are easy ways to add an extra WOW factor.

Know your audience. Be sure to ask your group about any specific food requests or preferences. Would they gear more toward unique, exciting menu items? Would they prefer to have a healthier option available? More often than not, your caterer can develop a menu that fits everyone’s needs. For example, as seen in our lunch menu packages, we can offer fried chicken options well as a grilled chicken sandwich.

Most caterers are also able to accommodate dietary restrictions so all of your guests feel welcome. These are listed in our catering guides for easy reference. Food typically sets the tone for your event and gives the guests something to look forward to – so make it good!

2. An Interactive Presentation

With such great audio/visual companies in Nashville, sprucing up your presentation is an easy thing to do, and it makes a world of difference! If you are looking for a fun, out-of-the-box way to capture your audience’s attention, think of adding something interactive like a magician, look-a-like, or comedian! After a performance like that, your attendees will be more engaged, open to ideas and discussion, and ready to tackle the subject at hand. And if that is not in your budget or business plan, just make sure to hire an AV company that is ready to make your presentation seamless, visible, and at the right volume. If your group is on the larger side, perhaps you could add monitors throughout the room so everyone can easily see the presenter. You could also add a stage to raise the presenter and even a video option.

Finally, with technology and social media growing fast as ever, a fun way to incorporate everyone is to have a live feed screen on stage, where photos, questions, thoughts & ideas are uploaded via text or Twitter hashtags. As with our preferred audio/visual vendor, upgrades are easy and convenient, and a great way to get the attention you desire from your audience.

3. Something to Take Home

There are lots of great ways to say “thank you for coming” or “we are glad you’re here” with a small take-home gift. As with our party favors, you can find useful items ranging from a small dollar amount to large and everything in between based on your guest size and preferences. A coffee mug, magnet, mini Loveless Cafe preserves, or collapsible koozie are all great ways to affordably let your guests know you appreciate their time. It also gives them something to remember the meeting by, and hopefully keeps them brainstorming and growing long after the session has ended.

If your group is smaller or you’d prefer to spend more for different levels of employees, we have a variety of corporate gift baskets that are sure to please!

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We would love the opportunity to host your next corporate event in the Loveless Barn or the Harpeth Room. Or if you’d rather just bring our catering expertise to your meeting at the office or another Nashville venue, we can do that too!