Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and the Loveless Cafe is ready to help you show appreciation for mom in the warmest, Southern way! This Mother’s Day Gift Guide shares a collection of some of our top picks for all the mamas in the South.

Sweet Sentiments Spatulas

sweet sentiments southern spatulas- gift guide

If your mom is the one who’s always in the kitchen, serving up heaping helpings of Southern goodness, then these super-cute Sweet Sentiment Spatulas (Price $8.00) will likely bring a smile to her face each time she reaches for them. Choose from this set of four colorful Southern sayings to give mom the gift of sentiment and practicality, all in one.

Sweet Sentiments Magnet Set

sweet sentiments magenet set- mothers day gift guide

Not to mention, the Sweet Sentiments collection also features a colorful Set of Magnets, so that mom can display her favorite Southern sayings right on her refrigerator! (Price: $6.00)

Sweet Potato Pancake Mix and 100% Pure Maple Syrup

sweet potato pancake mix and maple syrup graphic  

Remind mom of those slow weekend mornings where she used to wake up her whole nest with the aromas of a country breakfast spread. How about our Sweet Potato Pancake Mix (Price: $7.00)  and 100% Pure Maple Syrup (Price: $10.00) to relive those nostalgic mornings?

Loveless Cafe Biscuit Mix and Fruit Preserves

  biscuit mix and preserves trio - graphic

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide simply wouldn’t be complete without Loveless Cafe’s famous Biscuit Mix (Price: $7.00) and Strawberry (Price: $10.00), Blackberry (Price: $10.00), and Peach Preserves (Price: $10.00). This way, you and mom can enjoy a morning of cooking breakfast together, while creating more lasting memories.

Hogs and Kisses Mug

hogs and kisses mug - mothers day gift guide

We may never understand how moms make saving the word look so easy, but we can be fairly certain that their favorite coffee or tea plays at least a minor role. This leads us to the next item on our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. The Loveless Cafe “Hogs n’ Kisses” Mug (Price: $12.00) would be an adorable way for you to send mom a bit of love with every cup she pours.

Hogs n’ Kisses Tea Towel

hogs and kisses teat towel - mothers day gift guide

You could even throw in this matching “Hogs n’ Kisses” Tea Towel (Price: $9.00) that would look just darling draped over her oven handle. 

Countrypolitan Moonshine Mixer

countrypolitan moonshine mixer for mom

Some moms choose to unwind with a cocktail in-hand on the weekends, while catching up with friends and family over never-ending phone calls and Facetime sessions. That’s why we think our Countrypolitan Moonshine Mixer (Price: $10.00) would make the perfect addition to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. 

I Love You Like Biscuits and Gravy Pillow

sweet sentiments pillow - mothers day gift guide

Being comforted by mom oftentimes ignites the most familiar, yet indescribable, feeling of safety and security. This Sweet Sentiments Pillow (Price: $26.00) has the saying, “I Love You Like Biscuits and Gravy” printed into the front, to give mom a symbolic sense of the comfort she’s always given you. 

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The truth is, if we could give our moms the whole world, we would do it in a heartbeat. Shop our Mother’s Day collection to find everything you need to show mom how much you appreciate all of the unconditional love she’s so effortlessly given to you for as long as you can remember.