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Dark Chocolate Milk

Dark Chocolate Milk
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Dark Chocolate Milk


It’s a safe bet to assume that most of us have made a glass or two (or two hundred) of chocolate milk in our lifetimes. Memories of stirring a rich brown syrup (excitedly squeezed from a store-bought plastic bottle with a pop-up top) into an ice cold glass of milk, slowly watching the color deepen as your mouth start watering in anticipation of the silky, saccharine treat in which you are about to indulge may be flooding your mind at the moment. Good, ours too. But let us just say this recipe, complete with homemade chocolate syrup, will downright knock the socks off of any store brand you may have used in years past. It’s a slower method, but trust us when we say, IT’S BETTER THIS WAY.



In a saucepan, combine sugar, chocolate chips and 1 cup of milk. Place on low heat and whisk until fully combined. Pour additional 3 cups of milk in a blender and pour in the chocolate syrup. Blend to combine. Chill well before serving.