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Chicken N’ Bacon Waffles

Chicken N’ Bacon Waffles

Chicken N’ Bacon Waffles


Chicken ‘n Waffles is a trendy combination that we just so happen to love. Whether or not you choose to serve fried chicken at your Bacon Brunch , you simply must try adding some chopped Country Smoked Bacon to your Loveless Cafe Waffle Mix. Drizzle with real Maple Syrup or Sorghum and let the sweet and salty goodness take over your tastebuds.



Prepare waffles according to mix instructions. Before adding batter to the waffle pan, mix in your cooked, chopped bacon (use as much or as little as you like). Cook waffles as directed.

Prepare your Famous Loveless Fried Chicken according to these instructions.

Assembly: Place your cooked waffle on a large plate and top with the portion of chicken you desire. Drizzle the entire dish with real maple syrup or old-fashioned sorghum. ENJOY!!!