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Caramel Milk

Caramel Milk
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Caramel Milk


There is something so special (and delicious) about making your own caramel. After you’ve done it yourself, you will never find the need to buy it from the store again. Watching the sugar melt into a rich, amber color, not mention your commendable patience of doing so is rewarding in its own right. Mix this simple sauce into a glass of cold milk for a well-deserved sweet treat and indulge in the sweet, caramel-y goodness to your heart’s content.



In a saucepan, combine sugar and 1 cup of water. Place on high heat and cook until sugar begins to caramelize, reaching a deep brown color. Whisk in remaining water and remove from heat. Mix in 1 cup of syrup with four cups of milk. Chill well before serving.