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Biscuit Benie with Spicy Chocolate Sauce

Biscuit Benie with Spicy Chocolate Sauce
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Biscuit Benie with Spicy Chocolate Sauce


As part of our National Biscuit Month Celebration, the chefs in the Loveless Barn have created some new recipes using our Loveless Cafe Biscuit Mix. Here’s a new take on the classic beignet:



Roll Loveless Biscuit dough into 20 1/2 oz balls and coat in flour. Fry at 350 degrees in clean oil until golden brown 2-4 minute, drain for 30 seconds and toss in powdered sugar. To make the sauce, mix heavy cream, butter, sugar and whiskey. Heat in a pot on medium heat until butter is melted and sugar has dissolved. Then add in the chocolate and reduce heat to low, stir until chocolate is all melted and sauce is smooth. Finally, add the cayenne, use more or less to achieve desired spice. Plate with sauce on the side and a little whipped cream.